Dental Technology

At Avent Ferry Family Dentistry, we are committed to delivering top-notch care to you and your family. We prioritize your comfort and strive to ensure that every visit is a pleasant experience. To achieve these goals, we harness the advantages of cutting-edge dental technology. Dental technology encompasses a range of advanced tools, equipment, techniques and materials that we deploy to provide you with gentle, high-quality care. Our dentist and team have received comprehensive training in utilizing these technological innovations to enhance your oral health.

The technologies featured in our practice include:

Our primary objective is to make your dental experience efficient, comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. Technology is one of the ways in which we achieve this. By combining experience and technology we can ensure that your treatments are more precise and effective and that your care is tailored to your unique needs. Each piece of dental technology we employ offers its own unique benefits. For example, our diagnostic equipment enables us to swiftly and accurately diagnose your dental issues and plan your treatment effectively.

Our goal is to use the latest and most advanced technology possible to ensure that you receive exceptional care each time you visit our office. We invite you to call us at 919-372-3400 for more information about dental technology in Holly Springs, North Carolina, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Scott Butts.

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