Soft Denture Liners

Soft denture liners are an excellent solution for individuals seeking enhanced comfort and an improved denture fit. These liners play a crucial role in facilitating confident smiles, clear speech and comfortable eating for those who wear dentures. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive mouths or those experiencing gum tissue recession or flattening as they provide a layer of pliable material that fits snugly between the denture surface and the oral tissues.

One of the primary functions of a soft denture liner is to absorb shock and reduce irritation between the gums and the rigid base of the denture. This cushioning effect is particularly appreciated by patients with chronically sore gums or sharp bony areas in their gum tissue.

The advantages of soft denture liners are numerous, including:

  • Relief from receded and flattened gum tissue
  • Increased comfort
  • Improved ease of chewing
  • A viable solution for the majority of patients

Whether you are getting new dentures or retrofitting existing ones, soft liners can be integrated to enhance your dental experience.

It is important to note that regular checkups with our dentist are essential when using soft denture liners. These liners typically maintain their effectiveness for one to two years, and periodic relining is necessary to ensure proper functioning and fit. For a more permanent solution, individuals may also consider implant-supported dentures.

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