Denture Relines

As time goes by, your gum tissues undergo changes that can lead to the loosening of your dentures. To ensure that your dentures stay securely in place and continue to function effectively, it is essential to schedule professional denture relines approximately every one to two years.

There are several types of denture relines that our dentist may recommend depending on your specific needs. These include:

  • Hard Denture Reline: We recommend a hard denture reline every two years. This type of denture maintenance involves the removal and replacement of a layer of plastic from the interior surface of your denture. By doing so, the denture is adjusted to match the new contours of your gum tissue, ensuring a snug fit and optimal functionality.
  • Soft Denture Reline: Patients experiencing gum tenderness or sore spots can benefit from soft denture relines. This involves replacing the interior lining of your denture with a flexible material that offers enhanced comfort. Soft relines typically need replacement every one to two years to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Temporary Reline: In cases where inflammation in your mouth is causing discomfort, temporary relines can be employed. These relines assist in reducing inflammation, allowing your gums to return to a more stable condition before considering a permanent denture replacement or transitioning to a soft or hard reline.

Maintaining the fit and comfort of your dentures through regular relines is crucial for your oral health and overall wellbeing. Call Avent Ferry Family Dentistry at 919-372-3400 to learn more about denture relines in Holly Springs, North Carolina, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Butts.

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