Surgical Microscopes

Surgical microscopes, often referred to as telescopic loupes, are invaluable tools which greatly improve Dr. Scott Butts’ ability to examine and treat oral health issues with precision and accuracy. These specialized optical instruments function much like binoculars and are worn in a manner similar to eyeglasses, albeit with a different purpose. Though their appearance may seem unusual, their impact on your care is remarkable.

Surgical microscopes magnify and illuminate the mouth, giving our dentist a close-up look at your teeth and showing the details of your teeth that would not otherwise be visible. The magnification of the microscope is adjustable, ensuring that even the smallest dental concerns can be detected and addressed promptly.

There are many advantages to using surgical microscopes, such as:

  • Enabling more accurate diagnoses by revealing even the most subtle signs of gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer
  • Facilitating earlier and less invasive treatments
  • Offering a minimally invasive treatment by reducing the size of surgical sites
  • Enhancing your comfort during procedures
  • Minimizing the length of your healing time after treatment

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